My new job at Brisbane Ferries

I have often looked at the Baan heritage of maritime involvement and thought I belong there. There was Grandfather Jacob Baan’s barge which he unfortunately lost in the Great Depression, Uncle Wim being a ships captain and later fleet commodore, Uncle Coen’s expertise as a ships engineer and Uncle Jaap and and my father Leen also going to sea.

So after my careers in various industries like IT, recruitment and hotels, I have now secured a captains job with Transdev Brisbane Ferries. It is a job I have wanted for years and I had to get Marine Engine Driver qualifications in addition to my Ships Master Class 5 ticket.

I’m having so much fun and getting paid for doing what I love, I recently heard a local football legend and sports commentator say that “if you can make your obsession become your profession, then you will never do another day’s work in your life.”

With views like this it’s like being in an open air cathedral and it is even more spectacular at night!

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Sunday solo sail

Enjoying a sail on Baly across to the Hanion Light playing my music as loud as I like. Thanks for taking the photo Rob Hartog, who was doing a charter on Dream On.

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Memorable places one or two years ago

I cherish these memories of what an amazing two years of adventures I have been privileged to enjoy. Two years ago with Jim Holt we reached the tip of Cape Yorke Peninsula. One year ago with Terry Devine we visited Yasgurs Farm in upstate New York where half a million people gathered for Woodstock in 1969.

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Testing my strength

It is called the Sorensen Test or Planking Test and during a recent pre employment Musculoskeletal functional check, I had to hold this position for three minutes. Not sure how I’m going to be using it while driving a boat and I think Mr. Sorensen must have a sadistic bent, but I did successfully complete the test. The other guys in my induction group said they also struggled with it and one had to come back several days later to make a second attempt.

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Another vessel to skipper

Yesterday I captained Dream On for Aria Cruises, taking a group of 20 out to Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island. It was a bit like déjà vu as she is a sistership to our Balakera and so everything is very much the same as I’m used to on Baly.

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Magazine article published in MHW

An article I wrote 18 months ago, while sailing around Australia, will be published in Multihull World magazine, edition 144, next month. MHW has a circulation of 10,500.

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Beach cricket at Bird Island

Long day finishing at 9pm with a twilight barbecue cruise after an earlier birthday cruise where we played cricket on the beach at Bird Island which is only exposed when the tide goes out.

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