Cure for MND fundraising cruise

I’ve enjoyed building a website for some friends who are planning on sailing around the world to raise funds for research into Motor Neuron Disease. You can check out the site at    Please bear in mind that it is early days and as the site is only a day old there will be many more enhancements to come.

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The Brisbane Yacht Charters experience

We encourage our passengers to join in when doing our cruises. Here Rosie takes a trick at the helm. Superb culinary level catering as well as beautiful beaches are also part of the experience.

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Australia Day long weekend cruises

Did two 11 hour days with Brisbane Yacht Charters over the weekend, the above picture shows us passing by Balakera in Columbus Canal with 24 passengers onboard after they all enjoyed a swim at the beach at Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island.

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‘Aussie Style’ is now the #1 America’s Great Loop book

After receiving a total of five individual reviews, all with five star ratings, ‘America’s Great Loop, Aussie Style’ is currently the number one book of all 54 books that have been written about this epic inland waterway journey. Four of these reviews were for the kindle version and one was for the large format printed version.

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New Raymarine Instruments on Baly

We now have a new array of sparkle across the dashboard on Balakera after the lightning strike last month. We did sea trials yesterday to calibrate all the new equipment. Strangely the strike only affected the autopilot, speed/depth and wind instruments in the console. The GPS plotter, sonar, radar and AIS were not damaged. Probably another good reason to have stand alone electronics rather than linked or combi installations. We think the lightning strike was a direct hit to the yacht across the canal as it suffered a blown VHF aerial and then it travelled via the water to my underwater depth/speed transducers. Subsequently it blew the pilot and wind instruments as these were all linked to the speed/depth instrument by the Raymarine Seatalk communications system.

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Delivery from Mooloolaba 

Some evidence onboard Deveen’s new vessel/home ‘Grendel’ on the delivery trip from Mooloolaba down to Manly Boat Harbour where they will become live aboards.

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New Years Day sail

Shaking in the new year with a glorious sail around Peel Island. Looks like about 300-400 boats in Horseshoe Bay and probably over a 100 at Deanbilla!

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