New lifebuoys

Our old lifebuoys on Baly were looking decidedly faded and the letters were falling off. Our good friends Tony and Fiona, who have a Snap Printing franchise in Sydney, came up with these neat name stickers for the new lifebuoys.

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2 years ago Baly completes her circumnavigation of Australia

Frank and Marian’s welcome sign. Bear applauding with the streamers as we moor on the home pontoon.

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Foggy River

Somewhere in this low lying cloud is Brisbane’s Story Bridge, photo is taken from the City Hopper while moored at Eagle Street Pier.

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Bulimba ferry terminal

I will be driving the Bulimba-Teneriffe ferry for the next week which has a reasonably challenging park on the inside of the pontoon. There is only a 20m gap between the terminal pontoon and an upstream jetty which, due to a back eddy during a flood tide and during the ebb tide, requires a reverse entry. Single engine monohulls don’t reverse in a straight line due to the torque of the propellor, so it requires you to “walk” the boat backwards and correct the direction every two boat lengths. I have done this shift about two dozen times now and it adds an interesting manoeuvring dimension each time.

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Baly’s new tender

Balakerette X (#10 or kiss, whichever you prefer) is Baly’s new dinghy. It replaces the tinny we picked up in Darwin back in 2015. Bear and JD wanted a softer landing and there aren’t any crocodiles in Brisbane. Balakerette ix (the tinny) went to a new home with my neighbour, it was an easy delivery by just sending it over the fence!

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Afloat magazine Great Loop article content

Here is the full magazine article that appeared this month in the boating publication with the largest circulation in Australia.

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Dolphins visit us.

Did anyone else have dolphins in their backyard today?

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