Additional fuel tank installed

We now have our new 300 litre petrol fuel bladder tank installed under the port settee in the saloon, as pictured below. You can see the gravity feed pipe on the original tanks to the right, where fuel is fed into these original tanks and onto the engines.


I needed to protect the bladder from the obtrusive bolts that hold the midsection of the boat to the port hull. I covered these with plastic U section conduit and the entire port side of the locker with foam, the floor and Stb side of the locker have carpet and there is foam fore and aft. The breather is at the forard end going up through the battery locker through into the port deck locker where it ends in a a double loop.

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1 Response to Additional fuel tank installed

  1. Jim Holt says:

    Hi Derrick, 300 L tank install looks good. Need a BIG sign, TURN OFF GAS & NO NAKED FLAMES WHEN FILLING. If you need further capacity there is enough space immediately behind the engines under the aft deck to take a Yamaha 12 L portable fuel tank each side. A bit of a wriggle to get them in, may need to part lower/raise engine/remove cowling & re-position engine lifting tackle to reduce fouling. This will vary depending on year of build & engine year model. It works fine on Gattina. Have also cut 150 mm holes into the step from the cockpit up, close to the beam & fitted plastic spin off inspection ports to access the props when lifted for clearing of ropes/weed etc. to save having to go over the side, good in croc country. Sorry no pix but have an unresolved ipad issue preventing same.

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