Outahere Day 1

Tried to remain stoic during our farewell this morning. Robbie joined us for a greasy, fried up breakfast, always good prep for going to sea. Bear and me agreed not to get emotional,  Jackdog has sensed there was was something afoot days ago and established himself aboard Baly as if to say “your not going without me dad!”


Spoke to Ela in Canada via viber which was a great departure present. It was a glrious ail across Moreton By. We shot out of the NE channel at 9 kts which was aided by a 3 kt outgoing tide which pushed against the incoming swell to make a lumpy sea.

We are now off Mooloolaba making good progress.  Sundowners shortly and pizza for dinner.


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1 Response to Outahere Day 1

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Woo Hoo – happy sailing! – stay away from Hurricanes and Cyclones please – enjoy!


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