Pancake Creek Day 4

Another first light departure for the 60 mile sail to beautiful Pancake Ck, delightful conditions, clear sky, Baly really excelling in these conditions.


Al seen here giving Nigel (autopilot) a spell. Anchored now for sundowners before bbq dinner. It was nostalgic passing Agnes Water where our Tavern was the family livelihood 10 years agp. Pic below is Bustard Head lighthouse, just Sourh of  Pancake


Another magnificent sunset at Pancake Creek, we are off to Cape Capricorn tomorrow, will have a sleepin as it is only 40 miles.


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1 Response to Pancake Creek Day 4

  1. Tony Jones says:

    It looks so beautiful boys. Hope you are really enjoying the wonderful conditions. Is the cyclone going to affect you at all? As you are in Pancake Bay, are you having pancakes for breakfast?


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