Great Keppel Island.  Days 6 & 7

Restful easy day today at beautiful Long Beach, on the South side of Great Keppel Island. Will spend another day at this magnificent place, we flew in here with Al’s plane on the way back from Longreach in July. Looked magic then from the air and it captivated 28 years ago when spent 2 weeks here. Goat arrives on Wednesday at Yeppoon.  We go right back to primary school and he is a great seaman to have onboard. Did his 15th Sydney Hobart race last year. Will probably go to the resort beach on the western side of the island tonite.

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1 Response to Great Keppel Island.  Days 6 & 7

  1. grant says:

    happy Paddy’s day to you and Al
    have a Guinness at sundown (or before)
    hopefully the goat’s expertise will not be required for the likes of Nathan & co.


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