Island Head Creek and Pearl Bay. Day 9


Welcome onboard Goaty, feeling much better now after his first rolly gasper and a coffee. Early 4.30am start from Rosslyn Bay had us at Cape Manifold at 10am when the tide turned and saw us slow down to 2.6 kts at one stage which was painful as we were already motoring into a 10kt Northerly. Pic below of Manifold Island with a relaxed Goat on the aft seat.


Quoin Island reminded us of Tasman Island and Cape Raoul with its columnar basalt cliffs.


Reached Pearl Bay (Goat calls it Pearl Harbour) at 3.30 which was not as pretty as usual as it seemed blackened and denuded by bushfire as well as flattened by cyclone. Anchored in beautful Island Head Creek with a great view of Notch Mountain as the sun set. See pic below. The tide is about 3 kts at anchor here. Barbeque filet steak for dinner ended a long day so went to bed early for another witching hour start tomorrow to maximise the tidal flow advantage. In 2 days time the military will be playing war games here.


Still so many blue tiger butterflies, nearly in plague proportions. Goat was invaded by them below when doing the washing up, they were attracted by the flouro light. Here he is releasing a butterfly from the galley.


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2 Responses to Island Head Creek and Pearl Bay. Day 9

  1. Tony Austin says:

    Hi Guys. Sounds like all systems are working A-OK. It will be interesting to see what percentage of your time is spent motoring/motor sailing/sailing. My experience so far (albeit rather limited) is that the amount of pure sailing is pretty small. Bummer! Have fun!


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Good morning, lovely to have you back on line. The butterflies are amazing – so pretty and the scenery looks stunning. Hope you are well clear before the military exercise starts! x


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