Curlew Island. Day 11

Departed Middle Percy Island at a civilised 7am today but had to motor again. Arrived at Curlew just after 11am, beautiful place, beautiful weather apart from the lack of wind.

The iPad overheated with the sun shining directly on it through the window. It shuts down when too hot and reinforces our need for a backup, we have our Galaxy Tab for this purpose. The pic shows our iPad with a makeshift visor shade fashioned from a placemat.




Enroute we found the not insignificant Bluff Island, pictured below to the right of Curlew Island, did not appear on our Navionics chart plotter, bit scary!




We are now anchored in this picturesque lagoon with the imposing and spectacular Curlew Peak in the background.




Brought the old mobile phone antenna we purchased 7 years ago out of retirement which allowed us to send texts but still no voice or internet. Robbie updated us with the cricket and Cyclone Nathan status.




Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight,  onto Mackay tomorrow.

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1 Response to Curlew Island. Day 11

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Guys – we’ve been tracking you all the way as you might have guessed – looks like its been a peaceable time so far apart from the odd missing Island – Ship tracker has you approaching Mackay as I write this – shopping tomorrow??

    take care have fun Fi and TJ


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