Middle Percy Island. Day 10

Up at 3.30am to catch the tide, no moon to guide us out of Island Head Creek so relied on radar and gps in bound track. Beautiful dawn over Hi Peak Island




Half way to Percy’s by 8am abeam Steep Island. Looking back the bushfire on Townsend Island made it look like a volcano.




Arrived at West Bay 1.30pm and  checked out the A Frame which was in remarkably good shape given the direct hit the Percys received from Cyclone Marcia. For the first time we were able to see the homestead from the anchorage because the foliage had been shredded. Pic below shows Al on the right, Goat left at the A Frame with Baly anchored in the middle distance.


Al is cooking corned silverside in the pressure cooker. Tomorrow a more dignified departure time as we have just a short 25 mile  hop to Curlew Island. Magnificent sunset over Pine Islets.



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2 Responses to Middle Percy Island. Day 10

  1. I found Bluff rock and it’s now back on your Navionics chart.
    They were just testing you


  2. rjjamieson1 says:

    Enjoy Mackay when you get there. Al and I did not on our last departure.


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