Where is Bluff Island on Navionics?

While I prefer to use Navionics because it is quite intuitive we discovered a real issue today going from Middle Percy Island to Curlew Island. A significant island is missing, Bluff Island does not appear on Navionics! Check out the screen shots below, first is Navionics, then Garmin Bluechart, iNavx and then Quickcharts. It seems that chart plotters are like weather forecasts,, you need to monitor a range of sources!  Strangely next day Bluff Island did appear so maybe we were stuck in a wrong scale basemap.





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1 Response to Where is Bluff Island on Navionics?

  1. Tony Austin says:

    Hi Derrick. A bit frightening, isn’t it. I suspect that it was a vector layer problem which is a real trap. A friend who spent 7 years sailing around the world always used a split screen approach – small scale for his route for the next few hours and max magnification to show is boat and the ‘real world’ half a mile or so around him. I am doing this on DF – it takes a while to get used to but should make sure that i never miss a lumpy bit (or crossing a shoal in the wrong conditions). Having the access to the previous track is also useful +++ and I must get into the habit of a. Recording it and b. Showing it on the display when leaving an anchorage. I have much to learn!
    BTW – how are you securing your dinghy? Is it slung from the low davit arms or off the targa or both?


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