Cape Gloucester. Day 14

Sailed through the magnificent Whitsunday Passage today, chased by rain squalls, past one of my favourite islands, Pentecost island, its precipitous high ground reminds me of Tahiti and the Marquesa Islands.


We are anchored tonight at Cape Gloucester,  just next to Shag Islet, the venue for the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club where each August over 300 boats gather to party and raise funds for cancer. Dont know how they fit that many boats here.


The photo below shows Shag Islet in the foreground and the imposing Gloucester Island in the background.  I’m cooking pasta for dinner tonight.


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2 Responses to Cape Gloucester. Day 14

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi mate – glad you’re back at it – best thing to be doing – keep well and safe – thinking of you – tracking you – somehow the scenery doesn’t seem as good from where I sit, must be screen resolution. Cheers Tony.


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