Cape Upstart. Day 15

6am start from Cape Gloucester with scattered rain and little wind so we motorsailed.


At Abbot Point the wind finally filled in so we could turn the engines off at 11am. The coal loader at Abbot Pt. extends 1.4 nm out from the shoreline. There were 5 ships anchored nearby waiting to load, maybe they dont work on Good Friday?


Cape Upstart was named by Captain Cook because he thought the headland and its associated Station Hill was such a bold or upstart landmark. Just off Cape Upstart is a unique island known as the “bun”, probably significant since it is Easter and our good ship is totally devoid of hot cross buns.


The place is quite busy with about two dozen holiday shacks all occupied for Easter. It must be a logistical exercise to build or even just come for a weekend as there is no road access, everything comes by boat.


Lovely sunset looking across Upstart Bay. Had omelets tor dinner and will have an early night for an early start tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Cape Upstart. Day 15

  1. grant says:

    townsville for tea?


  2. jennybaan says:

    Yeah Prof., couldnt get into the marina at Nelly Bay because of Easter so its back to the pub at Horseshoe Bay.


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