Orpheus Island. Day 17


Baly at anchor at Horseshoe Bay this morning as we went ashore to get some victuals, only a small shopping exercise as the convenience store was quite expensive and we are still reasonably well stocked. No wind again so motoring in a glassy calm. Forecast is for it to remain light and variable till Wednesday.


Easter Sunday breakfast with some fresh just bought hot crossbuns and some Easter eggs bear had secreted onboard. I asked Al if he wanted me to hide some for him to search for, but he wasn’t interested.  “Just hide them back in the fridge” he  said.


Millpond conditions just south of Great Palm Island, it was quite  clammy early so we welcomed the cooling breeze generated by our own movement. Motoring and charging batteries not a bad thing as we haven’t had shore power since Mackay, saves dragging out the genset!


Because the marina at Nelly Bay was full we couldn’t get to a laundromat so we had a washing day onboard. The washing maid hard at work above prefers not to ibe identified,  We wondered about our chances of picking up one of the four public moorings in Little Pioneer Bay, pretty good it turned out, all 4 were free but we were joined later by a game fishing boat and a sailing monohull. Rissoles on the bbq tonite.


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2 Responses to Orpheus Island. Day 17

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Guys, Looks pretty warm up there – hope you are sleeping well – the Laundromat looked a bit ancient – you can tell by the bucket size – scenery is idyllic – meet up with other similarly bound vessels? How is the overall schedule going – only a week behind? Go well – TJ


    • jennybaan says:

      Hi TJ yes a bit humid, Al has been sleeping in the saloon. We are back on schedule as we had some more time planned in the Whitsundays but have been there 8 times before. Will still need to plan another trip to Tassy however. We have established a Kimberley cruisers net with now 8 boats headed there this winter, one from NZ just leaving Whangarei now.


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