Hinchinbrook Island. Day 18

Departed Little Pioneer Bay after  breakfast at 7.30am. Passed the sugar ship Andromeda anchored off waiting to load at Lucinda’s long 5.6 km jetty, which apparently dips 1.2 m over it’s length due to the curvature of the earth.


The scenery today is breathtaking,  you could be in Bora Bora, Grenadines or Marquesas, but no we are looking at Australia’s own Hinchinbrook Island, the major peak is Mt Bowen, 1142 metres high .


With a light Northerly again today we elected to go past Cape Richards where we have anchored before, onto Goold Island which has an anchorage near its sand spit on the SW corner more suited to Northerly conditions. We did get a 2 hour sail across from Cape Sandwich to Goold Island. Lasagne for dinner tonight.

Sunset at Goold Island looking across Garden Island towards Cardwell.

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4 Responses to Hinchinbrook Island. Day 18

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful guys. Everything appears to be huge – do you feel somewhat small when sailing/motoring past some of these things? How the hell do they build something that goes out into the ocean for 5.6km’s? Hope the lasagne was good. We had leftovers from yesterday – had Marion & Jurg (plus 3 others) over for lunch and then M&J stayed the night – we had lots of sundowners and toasted you guys with every one of them. Marion even bought strawberries for them. Stay safe, Fiona x


  2. Brian says:

    Good to hear things are going well. Magnetic Is to the Flinders Group was very enjoyable for me the fishing was particularly good.


  3. grant says:

    not sure about these internet locators….
    boatwatch has you doing 5 knots up the eastern side of Hinchinbrook
    whereis still has you in horseshoe bay – i guess that’s the last time you updated that one.
    you seem to be making very quick progress up the coast despite the wind.


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