Fitzroy Island. Day 20

Received what seems to be our obligatory morning rain dosage leaving Mourilyan again  this morning.


Night spent there was well protected and the mosquito onslaught the port is renowned for did not eventuate. What did eventuate was a trawler anchoring nearby and running a genset all night. Not a real issue when you are as deaf as Al and me, you just turn the other deaf ear. It was also quite cold this morning, had to cover up with a doona, unusual for this far north. Checked the Bureau which said 23 degrees,  seemed much colder! Had a couple of hours sailing before the SW landbreeze died out and we had to start up the detroit. Passed Ella Bay National Park just north of the Johnstone River mouth near Innisfail so took the photo below to send to Ela L’il Bear #1 daughter.


We are now at Fitzroy Island, on a marine parks mooring. Normally we don’t anchor so close to the shore but this mooring has us tucked right in.


We are only 18nm from Cairns so should be moored at Half Moon Bay Marina at Yorkeys Knob by lunchtime.


Having omelet for dinner,  nice white wine and enjoying the sunset looking across to Cape Grafton

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2 Responses to Fitzroy Island. Day 20

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi guys – glad you didn’t get consumed by mosquitos! Don’t know if I’ve downloaded incorrectly, but no photos came through on your post. All the words appear to be here and there are the usual gaps between each paragraph, but no photos in the gaps. Sounds like you are still having a great time, which is terrific. T & F x


  2. Tony Jones says:

    They are beautiful photos Derrick. Enjoy your not so long sail today. Are you planning to spend a bit of time berthed at Yorkeys Knob (by the way, who the … is Yorkey and is it a big knob?)?


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