Cairns. Day 21

Rain came as per normal as we prepared to leave Fitzroy Island for Half Moon Bay Marina at Yorkeys Knob, on Cairns Northern beaches.


Passed a livestock carrier the Ocean Drover near Green Island. She was headed to Townsville according to the AIS. Quite a bit of shipping, a large ship every 30 minutes.


Made it to Yorkeys Knob by 11.00am and settled into the big boys row with some serious toys as neighbors.  Al loves it here as we are right under final approach for Cairns airport so he can watch all the planes. We are 15 mins North of Cairns central.


You can see the Knob of land called Yorkeys in the pic below, the marina is just to the right of the highground.


Tonight we will be having sundowners at the club bar and dinner in their restaurant, think we’re re due to treat ourselves. Jim is due in Saturday night and looking to head off on Sunday morning.


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1 Response to Cairns. Day 21

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Glad that you have managed to navigate through all the large ships safely and are now snug in Cairns. Enjoy the couple of days off – hope the weather will be fine for you – and make the most of eating food provided by another chef! T & F x


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