Low Isles. Day 24

Long day for me getting up at 4.30am in Brisbane to join Jim onboard Baly in Cairns. We have seen many butterflies, thousands in fact, but the one we found this morning was exceptional. The Ulysses butterfly pictured below was nearly as large as Jims hand.


We departed Yorkeys Knob at 11.30 for the 25 nm run to Low Isles, we had a brisk sail in 20-25 kts of wind, making it here at 3.30. We kept a reef in the main all day. We picked up a marine parks mooring but it is a lttle rolly in here.


Looks like we will be getting rain squalls coming through so probably no sunsets. Having filet steak on the bbq tonight.


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1 Response to Low Isles. Day 24

  1. Tony & Cath says:

    Great to see you underway. Fingers crossed all goes well for family and friends. Our preparations are progressing slowly – new gear box has been fitted, Carbie cleaned and tomorrow it all gets fitted back on the boat for the functional test. Fingers and toes crossed it starts and runs OK.


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