Lizard island. Day 26

This blog post was done ready for uploading at Lizard Island but the signal was so weak we couldn’t send it till Portland Roads.

It rained all night at Cooktown and most of tbe day we had rain squalls coming through. We couldnt see Cape Bedford until half mile away, so had to rely on radar and gps plotter.

Jim fashioned a modification to the autohelm to take the load off the motor housing. It is just a 3/8 bolt through the bulkhead anchored into the autopilot drive unit. Have to wonder why seawind didnt do this from the outset. Nigel is a much happier autopilot as a result.

Passed our first customs vessel off Cape Flattery, AIS identified it as the Roebuck Bay.

We are now on a mooring at Watsons Bay at Lizard Island. The pic below shows Cook Look covered in cloud, it is still raining and our assault on the summit looking unlikely as track will be too wet.

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