Morris Island

Left Bathurst Bay at 7.30am chased by the now traditional rain storm. Is this symbolic of a forsaken one night stand partner, annoyed that you came, stayed the night, used the offered comfort and then with little regard quickly leave in the morning? Am I a failed literary impressionist or just listened to too much Leonard Cohen?



Tried a new rig today to try and balance the boat while  giving the headsail clear air as we are running with the wind direction from the stern quarter. It uses a double reefed main, something never seen on Baly before, so that the centre of effort is spread more fore and aft making it easier for Nigel autopilot to steer. Sort of worked but there wasn’t  much wind so we were underpowered.


Passed through Fly Passage at the Flinders Group and noted why this is  a recommended anchorage but 15 nm miles and 2.5 hours too far for us to make last night.


After lunch the wind picked up and we averaged over 7 kts to Morris Islet which is just a small beach with a large conspicuous palm tree. We did another 75 mile day today arriving at 6pm. Omelet for dinner tonight.


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