Cape Grenville. Day 30

Bit later departure from Portland Roads, a shorter 40 nm leg today allowed us a sleep in and get some jobs done prior to a 9 am up anchor. Still received our morning rain but I am not going to get philosophical about it.


Just South of the Piper Passage we passed the Danish container ship Lars Maersk bound for Brisbane. It was a better place to encounter her than the Passage itself which is only half a mile wide. We read an article in the Coastal Cruising Yacht Club, newsletter, of which Jim is a member, describing the salvage of a ship here on Piper Reef. It is the narrowest pass in the entire length of this shipping channel


The owner of this vessel Sarissa, 44 metres and registered in the Cayman Islands has probably been quite successful in business. Cockpit though was completely open, much prefer the shed on our Seawind.


We have only used the engines for about 4 hours since leaving Cairns so the SE Tradewinds have really been assisting our progress. Arrived at Margaret Bay, tucked in behind Cape Grenville and had company, two cruisers were being refueled by the cargo barge. We had sundowners on Kik n back with Gary and Lynne, joined by Bob and Helen from Makani Kai and Bruce and Kay from Tunnel Vision. All three boats are headed to the Kimberley.


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