Cape Yorke. Day 32


Daybreak over the mouth of the Escape River. Spent over an hour cleaning up the dead insects in the saloon prior to departing at 8.30am. Reached the Albany Passage 3 hours later. This area is famous for the Jardine family’s pastoral, pearling and coconut plantation interests in the late1800s and early 1900s. Once touted as the future Singapore of Australia, but it did become one of the most romantic ports at that time. Steamships would stop and dignatories amongst the first class passengers were invited ashore to join Frank Jardine and his Samoan princess wife  for a dinner party befitting a stately British mansion. Guests wore full dinner dress, men their military decorations and women their tiaras. All of this at a lonely outpost 1000 km from the nearest major town!


Above is Somerset Bay in Albany Passage, site of the Jardine homestead. We reached Cape Yorke at 1.00pm. Still limited phone and internet but we overcame this by hoisting my phone to the top of the mast in a bag. Pic below shows Yorke island to the left and Cape Yorke mainland to the right.


Went ashore for the obligatory photos at the sign stating this was the most northerly point on tbe Australian continent.

Had sundowners on Baly with Bruce and Kay from Tunnel Vision


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