Escape River. Day 31

Our new friends on Kik n Back and Makani Kai left Margaret Bay at 4.00am to get Shallow Bay, some 85nm away just N of the Albany Passage. We didnt want to go that far and preferred to check out the Escape River so we up anchored at 7.30am.

Jim seen above enjoying his favourite reading…technical and workshop manuals. At Cairncross Island our AIS proved its worth with 3 large ships boring down on us. The Closest Point of Approach ensured we maintained separation.

We arrived at Escape River at 5.30pm and were welcomed by the operators of the pearling farm via VHF and advised the best anchorage. It was also where a cantankerous old female 4m croc known as Miss Piggy lives, but we haven’t seen her yet. Shepherds Pie for dinner and a wonderful sunset over the river.

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