Seisia. Day 34

Baly stayed at anchor today in Seisia harbour as we bunkered and victualled.


The bunkering involved taking jerrycans ashore and up the road to the servo as there is no fuel at the jetty. My $30 Bunnings foldup trolley proved its worth doing this exercise.


Unleaded was $1.88 a litre, better than we expected, the other cruisers said it was over 2 bucks last year.  We took on 120 litres so did several trips.


Victualling was done at the food store, bit like an IGA and not cheap. Drinks are problematic here as the nearest bottlo is in Bamaga, 15 km away and there are restrictions, only one slab or cask per vehicle. We were aware of this so stocked up in Cairns.


Really hot and humid here so finished the chores by 11am and had  siesta till it cooled down again. Did a load of washing in the bucket as there are no laundromats. Had dinner tonight at the caravan park kiosk with Bruce and Kay.

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2 Responses to Seisia. Day 34

  1. Tony says:

    Sounds like fun! I have been to Bamaga in the summer. Helps to redefine ‘hot’. Are you mainly using the jib or the genoa when sailing?


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Derrick, looks like all is going really well for you on this part of the trip. You have some beautiful photos and I’m glad that the weather has been treating you kindly (unlike what we have been experiencing down here!). We’ve just come back from a weekend in Coffs Harbour where we went for my niece, Jessica’s, wedding – it was lovely and being further north they had beautiful weather there too. Where do you head to from Seisia harbour? How much longer is Jim with you? Are the beautiful butterflies still visiting you? T & F


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