Gulf of Carpentaria, Days 36 and 37

Departed Seisia at 8.30 after Jim went up the mast to do a check. We had farewell waves from the crews of Kik n Bak and Makani Kai. They are leaving on Thursday going directly to the Wessels rather than to Gove. We motored for a couple of hours while the outgoing tide pushed us through Endeavour Strait at 7.5 kts away from Queensland towards the Northern Territory. Pic below shows our last views of Queensland for a while.


The screen snap from Navionics below shows the long 350 nm non stop passage we are making across the gulf. Wind dropped to below 10 kts in the afternoon so we had to motorsail. Wind picked up at dusk to 25 kts so we made good mileage overnight.


11am on Wednesday 29th and we are halfway across the gulf. Project this morning was dismantling the macerator in the toilet. Jim proved once again, if it breaks and if can possibly be fixed at sea, then he can fix it!

We were buzzed by a customs aircraft just after midday and subsequently questioned over VHF about our rego, last and next ports of call.


Jim demonstrates how to silence squeaky reefing lines in the boom, throw a pot of water over it and it is quiet for 2 hours. Steak and kidney pie for dinner and a 3/4 waxing moon to watch over us during the night.

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2 Responses to Gulf of Carpentaria, Days 36 and 37

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Gents. Clearly every boat should have a ‘Jim’. Can I borrow him when you are finished? Have a safe one. Weather is deteriorating to our north so our plans for departure remain very fluid this end.


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Derrick, sounds as though all is going well so far. Has there been much in the way of other boat traffic for you to worry about? Presumably you passed the “custom’s test” as they don’t appear to have arrested you and Jim. He seems to be a very handy boat companion for you. Enjoy and take care, T & F


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