Gove. Day 39


Today seems to be beaching day at Gove, we have a small, but annoying leak we suspect is where the  port hull meets the central pod. Also good opportunity to clean the waterline which has accumulated some brown scum.


While we were waiting to refloat a two metre shark chased a mantaray between the two boats. With no where to go the ray jumped a metre into the air in an attempt to double back. The shark was equally adept at swift maneuvers and spun around in the shallows to be in the right place when the ray landed back in the water. A brutal and ruthless display of mother nature’s food chain in action.

After refloating we went to the careening grid piles in front of the club, which has a tap and hose so we could replenish our water tanks.

Gove harbour is littered with over a dozen shipwrecks mainly from Cyclone Nathan, many of these were abandoned vessels on suspect moorings and unknown owners.  Most have been driven a long way beyond the high water mark.


Dinner at the club again tonite, just too cheap and easy. Leaving early tomorrow for the Hole in the Wall which we need to transit at slack tide. After that we probably won’t have internet or phone till Darwin.

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  1. rjjamieson1 says:

    Looks great Barn. Hope the leak isn’t too severe. Must be an interesting place Gove. What’s the Hole in the Wall.? Is it the gap betweeen that long arm of island reaching out from the mainland? Have a good stay and sail to Darwin. Look forward to hearing from you when in Darwin. Wet as a Shag down here with high winds and a hell of a lot of rain. Bali was far better, i wish we were back there. We had a great time with the whole resort to ourselves plus one or two other couples. Service and resort were outstanding. Rob


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