Elcho Island. Day 41

Did some maintenance at anchor after breakfast before leaving Raragala Island at 9am. Confident we now have the annoying leak fixed. No other vessels within 30 miles according to the AIS. Nothing really dramatic happened today just sailed on a magic turquoise sea heading west.


Did see a vessel in the afternoon, the 70m barge Toll Territo, heading from Darwin to Gove with containers, but too far away to photograph.Gary from Kik n Bak made us two critters from palm fronds. a cricket and a sunfish. They are now our mascots at the front of our saloon.


The local aboriginals have a land management system that requires burning off, so we had some fires ashore today.


We are finally anchored now at Refuge Bay on Elcho Island after 5 attempts to get the anchor to dig in. Ended up with 50m out to hold in only 9ft of water. Not a good holding bottom. The smoke haze made for yet another memorable sunset, particularly when combined with a full moon emerging to the East.


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2 Responses to Elcho Island. Day 41

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Wow, gorgeous sunset and love your critters! T & F


  2. grant says:

    great sunset and i do like the cricket.
    anne vandenberg said to say hello.
    jeff viney says he’s willing if you need more crew


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