Hole in the Wall. Day 40

Left Gove at 5.30am in the dark, the moon had set but before dawn. We were careful to avoid unlit moored boats and also encountered an incoming barge prior to first light. Our objective today is the Gugari Rip, also known as the Hole in the Wall. It bisects two of the Wessel Islands and is only 50m wide in places. Because it is so narrow it is imperative to go through at slack water to avoid tidal currents.


We arrived right on time at 1.30pm and puckered up for the exhilarating ride through this amazing geological phenomenon.



Below is the more relaxed view astern having completed the adrenalin pumping transit and now safely on the other side in the Arafura Sea.


We are now anchored a Guruliya Bay, on Raragala Island,  some 4 miles beyond the NW entrance to the Hole in the Wall.

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