South Goulburn Island. Days 42 & 43

Departed Refuge Bay in Elcho Island at 7am, then Jim made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Together we have made an executive decision to do an overnighter directly to South Goulburn Island. The other alternative involved entering rivers at Millingimbi and Liverpool River. This latter strategy involves significant back tracking out of these rivers in the morning and both are some way off the direct rhumbline route. We also noted that our friends the Margetts did an overnighter here when they did their circumnavigation. The screen snap below shows the direct route to South Goulburn Island and the rejected stopover anchorages are either side of Boucaut Bay.


Jim found the sailing a little mundane yesterday as the wind was less than 5 kts so we were motorsailing. His anti boredom  project was to convert a battery operated drill to 12 volt so it could run off the ships power system. The batteries on this drill no longer took a charge from the inverter driven 240 volt charger. By soldering a cigarette lighter plug and cord onto the battery case contacts we now have a 12 volt drill.


We had beef casserole with rice for dinner last night. It was really steamy in the galley over the hot stove, even though we were underway with hatches open, I came up covered in sweat.

It was a beautiful full moonlit night last night for our overnighter, the only improvement would have been some wind so we could turn the detroit off, it didn’t happen until 4.00am. So now we are sailing along at 6 kts in blissful silence apart from the relaxing rush of water along the hulls. Shown enough sunsets, how about a moonset.


Jim cooked kippers for breakfast, sharing his Scottish heritage. We arrived  at Southwest Bay on South Goulburn Island at 12 midday. The small aboriginal community at Warrawi on the Southern end of the island appears to have internet, so hopefully we can post this blog update. Bangers and mash for dinner tonight.

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1 Response to South Goulburn Island. Days 42 & 43

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hello Derrick and Jim. Your moonset shot is beautiful and your cooking efforts sound pretty good too. What a wonderfully handy person you are Jim! Continue to enjoy and stay safe. T & F x


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