Cape Don, Day 46

We went ashore at Black Point to see the museum and met the ranger Alan who has lived here for 16 years.


We were going to head up Port Essington to the ruins of Victoria Settlement, a distance of about 15 nm. But the conditions were not favourable, 25 kts from the SE which we would have to punch into. It seems Essington doesnt like us as it has blown hard from the minute we have arrived. Conversely the tailwind beckoning us on towards Darwin seemed extremely attractive.

Decided to head for Cape Don and prepare for an overnighter to Darwin. It is important to time our run across Van Dieman Gulf and Beagle Gulf through Clarence Strait to suit the tides. It is also good to arrive at Darwin in daylight. So a 4pm departure plan  this afternoon from Cape Don will achieve all of this.


Just past Vashon Head we passed the Fusion 40 catamaran, Sharkbite, whose homeport is Gladstone, heading east. Later the barge Malu Explorer also passed us heading east with a load of containers.


Reached Cape Don at 3pm, just a little early and it was quite bumpy with tidal overfalls opposing the wind. The lighthouse is quite conspicuous. Things did settle down and we benefitted from a 3 kt flood tide pushing us towards our destination.


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