Croker Island. Day 44

Departed Southwest Bay on South Goulburn Island at 7.30am and Jim cooked bacon, eggs and bubble & squeak for breakfast. We had company overnight, a barge anchored off around midnight, came into the landing at 5.30am and left an hour later. Just a 40 nm leg to Valentia Island today, as the crow flies, but will be more like 50nm as we need to go around Cape Cockburn.


No wind again so we are motorsailing. The forecast is predicting some wind tomorrow and thereafter which will be gratefully received. With all this motoring we have been experimenting with fuel economy.  If we use one engine instead of two we save 1 litre per 10 miles or half a litre per hour. The downside is you take longer, 20 minutes over 10 miles if you maintain the Yamaha optimum revs of around 3800 – 3900 rpm. Possibly this is all academic as we have plenty of fuel with our additional fuel bladder, still only used half of our fuel capacity since bunkering at Seisia.

Heard news that I have a new grand niece, Phoebe Lee, congratulations to my nephew Tim and wife Michelle on the birth of their first child.


Rounded Cape Cockburn, pictured above at 1pm, changing course from NW to West, then reached Valentia Island at 3pm. We decided to continue west on to the bottom end of Croker Island, tucking in behind Point David, another 11 miles as we had plenty of time. This will put us in the Bowen Strait, between Croker Island and the mainland ready for tomorrow’s departure and with a favourable tide.
Anchored off the abandoned Kailis pearling farm at Point David at 4.30pm, then went ashore to check whats left of the farm. Looks like it supported about a dozen people and we saw a maintenance record stating 2006,  but looks like its has been years since its been operational.  Heating up dim sims and wontons in the oven for dinner. Mosquitoes are very active here, as were the flies when we went ashore so using plenty of Rid and putting screens on the hatches.


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