Darwin. Day 47

Just arrived in Darwin at 7am after the overnighter from Cape Don. Very happy with the cruising guides of John Knight and Jeff Toghill, their recommendations allowed us to ride a flood tide to the Clarence Strait and then an ebb tide through to Darwin. Effectively a conveyor belt under us all the way. The shoals through this area are scary, particularly when you are being pushed through by tides at 10 kts.


Caught up with David and Colleen onboard the Seawind 1160 XTsea, she anchored with us at Fannie Bay. They are also headed for the Kimberley. We had sundowners aboard XTsea and a great dinner at the Darwin Sailing Club. Pics below show Baly in silhouette during another of Fannie Bay’s beautiful sunsets and 17 year old Molly onboard XTsea hoping for more to eat. When eating out David always has T bone steak so he can bring back a bone for Molly.



Sorted some jobs already like new ships batteries and a new dinghy which we have named Balakerette IX. It is a tinny, not new but our old rib inflatable, like two of our three ships batteries had all called time on their useful life. The tinny is better in the Kimberley as the crocodilligators can’t use them for dental floss.


Some changes of crew in Darwin, Jim goes home to clean up the storm damage at his house and Prof arrives on Wednesday 12th, from Hobart.


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2 Responses to Darwin. Day 47

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Guys,

    You made it! Shoals and all – glad all is well – we were a little concerned when we didn’t hear from you for quite a few days – we liked the dental floss – good thought – when do you depart Darwin – next Port of call? – Keep well Fi and TJ


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Derrick, so glad that you made it safely through all the hazards into Darwin. We were sorry to hear that Jim has had storm damage to his house, though – hope it’s not too bad. You gave us a laugh with your reference to “dental floss” – had never really thought of dinghies in that light before. Hope you enjoy your stopover in Darwin – how long are you there for? Take care, T & F


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