Cape Talbot Bay. Day 57

Fried up bacon and eggs on the bbq for breakfast while still at Glycosmis Bay, as we had to wait for the tide to turn. Otherwise we would be pushing up to 3 kts of current. Rounded Cape Londonderry,  the most Northern point in Western Australia and entered Napier Broome Bay to anchor at Cape Talbot Bay. Had a real cricket come onboard for this leg, seen below next to Gary’s (Kik n Bak) palm frond cricket.


Cape Londonderry has a reputation of being a scary place if you have a 3 kt incoming tide pushing against the prevailing Southeastery winds. We had nothing like that, no wind and millpond conditions with the current with us right up to  the Cape. After that it was a bit mundane and tedious pushing current across to Cape Talbot and into Napier Broome Bay. To liven things up we were buzzed again by a customs plane and then asked about ports of call and rego by VHF radio. Don’t these guys monitor AIS and have access to rego databases?
The bay doesnt compare with Glycosmis Bay but does have a nice beach. Porterhouse steak on bbq for dinner tonight.


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