Cape Voltaire and Murrangingi Island. Day 59

Departed Freshwater Bay at 5.30am as the sun rose through the smoke haze.



Saw what we thought was another cruise vessel but was actually the Paspaley Pearls mothership Roslynne. Trying to get our head around the tidal currents in the Kimberley to avoid pushing against 2 or 3 kts of current. It is not as simple as tide flooding into a bay and ebbing out. For example today it floods SW past Cape Bougainville and then ebbs SW past Cape Voltaire at the same time. There doesn’t seem to be any logic or consistency.  The tidal guides in Navionics shown below helps a bit as as does the Western Australia Cruising guide.



Roared round Cape Bougainville at 7.30am doing 10 kts due to 4 kts of favorable current. The cape is pictured below with the conspicuous Red Island in the foreground.



It has been a muggy, humid day with no wind so motored all day. Passed Krait Bay, adjacent to Cape Voltaire.  The bay is of historical significance as the vessel of that name prepared here prior to raiding Japanese occupied Singapore.



  Anchored at Murrangingi Island, delightful anchorage 5 nm South of the cape at 4 pm. Shared the little bay with a Peter Joubert Magpie 34 called Scot Free II. We found out later that the guy on Scot Free was Phil, famous for building the Squatters Arms at Silver Gull Creek. He and partner Marion lived there for over 20 years until a couple of years ago. Pork chops on the bbq tonight.

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