Crocodile Creek. Day 69

Our fifteenth day in the Kimberley turned up yet another gem. Crocodile Creek has a small basin at the foot of several waterfalls. The entrance to the basin dries at low tide leaving the vessel surrounded by land..


We were joined by Ron, Suzanne and Alan on Kimberley Moon for a couple of hours rafted up.


After they left we had a serious laundry day, quite easy when you have fresh running waterfalls 50 metres away. Washed ourselves too, second time in 24 hours, was also good to cool off.


At low tide the basin entrance dried and Baly was landlocked. Below she is seen decked out in her flag regalia, well drying washing at least…corned silverside tonight but have run out of fresh veg so canned will have to suffice.


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1 Response to Crocodile Creek. Day 69

  1. gai and col says:

    Hey Derrick, Loved all the photos looks amazing. Keep up the great work and happy safe sailing. All good at Gloucester Col.enjoying his garden bowls and a hit of golf with his brother. Greg and I of to usa mon to Al Millers memorial service in Florida then onto Chicago. Cheers us.xx


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