Deception Bay. Day 63

Hung around Tenggara Bay until 9am waiting for the tide to turn and flood South and West around the bottom of Augustus Island through Rogers Strait. The Australian Pilot describes Rogers Strait as treacherous,  but we hope that is because it was written a hundred years ago before GPS plotters and cruising guides. Nevertheless it is unsurveyed and will require lots of concentration today. During our transit of the strait two of our GPS lost their satellite fix at the worst possible time while we were navigating between two submerged rocks. We slowed down and fortunately our third GPS, the galaxy was able to get a fix.


Both our engines have now clocked up 500 hours since they were installed four years ago. About 120 of those hours have been this year. Where possible of course we prefer to have them off and the sails up. Dropped by Kuri Bay which used to be a pearl farm and apparently in 2012 was converted to a resort. Looked less than 5 star and devoid of guests


Saw a whole lot of turtle tracks on the beach at Slate Island near Wilson Point. Arrived at Deception Bay at 3.30 pm. Steak, mushrooms and Beaujolais for dinner.

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