Horizontal Falls, Silver Gull Ck. and Dog Leg Ck. Day 67

Most adrenalin pumping boat ride through the Horizontal Falls. The second narrower one is only 7.5 m wide and there is a 1 m drop in sea level, hence the rapids. The skipper Christo held the vessel steady in the gap but was doing 8 kts through the water. Best value for only $50 and should be on everyones bucket list.



The purpose built vessel has 3 x 300hp Yamahas and there were 22 passengers onboard. Probably 16 on the other vessel. Three floatplanes and two helicopters brought them all in.


The Tourist Base has some shark cages where you can get down in the water with the bullsharks, but we figured we had seen enough of those ugly critters by then.


Reef Prince, whom we saw at Raft Point, arrived late last night and her passengers shot the rapids in the boat that took us straight afterwards.


Bunkered at Dogleg Creek where unleaded was $3.25 a litre. The fuel barge was a forlorn, rusty old derelict that is due to be scrapped before the next wet season. Mick who works the barge 4 weeks on 2 off, was originally from Tassy, like Prof and me.


Anchored at Silver Gull Creek at  3.30pm, we reckon steaks on the bbq after such a large day.

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