Horizontal Waterfalls. Day 65


Out of Red Cone Creek at 5.45 am as the tide turned to ebb and flush us out across Doubtful Bay. The precipitous cliffs of Raft Point and Steep Island standing sentinel reminded us of Cape Pillar and Tasman Island as we sailed between them. There were three cruise vessels in sight, two of them the Reef Prince and the Coral Prince were anchored at Raft Point.


Todays route takes us out of Doubtful Bay across to Talbot Bay then a SE turn down to the Horizontal Waterfalls. Only 40 nm as the crow flies but closer to 60 nm after we have turned all the corners.  A 15 kt Southerly makes for good sailing at a current assisted 6.5 kts but the seas are lumpy.


Passed by another of Paspaley Pearls mother ships near Horizontal Waterfalls, the  Paspaley 4. There must clearly be significant money being made in women wanting to wear pearls.


Another good reason not to swim in the Kimberley is the welcome greeting we received when we anchored at the falls. Six 2 metre bull sharks checking us out. The cruise vessel Odyssey also joined us in the anchorage for the evening.



We will spend two nights here as the tour operator is not running until Saturday when the next plane load of  visitors arrives to shoot the rapids.

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