James Price Point. Day 72

Were going to leave Beagle Bay late and just go the 20 nm to Cape Baskerville. But a 20 kt Easterly beckoned so we up anchored and soon we were heading Southwest at 8 kts, Baly relishing her favorite beam on wind conditions.


We passed another catamaran heading North, it was a Lightwave but we couldnt read the name and was not transmitting AIS. We think it could have been Kenetic Energy.


Magic evening at James Price Point with a 270 degree sunset that just didn’t photograph. We had a George Thorough(ly)good and the Delaware Destroyers music night. Only 25 nm to Broome tomorrow, you can actually see the loom. Keen to see this eclectic town again, been over 30 years since last here and loved it then.

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