Koolama Bay and King George Rivet. Day 54

Daylight saw us 75 nm from King George River and officially in Western Australian waters, complete with a time change. Good sailing at 7 kts with a Southeasterly beam on at 20 kts strength. Prof was thrown in at the deep end with an overnighter first up and midnight sail changes. He recovers during the day.



We arrived at Koolama Bay at the mouth of the King George River at 6pm, excited to be in the Kimberley. Our Bonaparte Gulf passage duration direct from Darwin was 37.5 hours averaging a bit over 6 kts. The much maligned “blown apart” gulf was reasonably benign for our crossing. The 50m cruise vessels Kimberley Pride and North Star were here, together with a catamaran and a mono.  We are deserving of porterhouse steak on the bbq tonight. The 100m high cliffs protect the anchorage at Koolama Bay.


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