Murrara Island. Day 61

Departed Wary Bay at 8am, not a real good anchorage, we rolled all night.  Nice breeze of over 20 kts ESE so we made good time averaging 8 kts down the Western side of Bigge Island heading south into York Sound.


We are also looking for some  large rock crystals that Craig Margetts told us about and gave us the coordinates for, but after a couple of hours searching we gave up. We did check the dinghy outboard which was running rough, reassembled the filters and carby and it seems to run much better now.


Made the decision not to visit Kings Cascades at the head of the Prince Regent River. It is a two day round trip of motoring 80 nm which may test our fuel reserves and people have all said that after the King George River it is an anticlimax. Cooking macaroni, cheese with barbequed greek sausages (hardly health food) for dinner tonight.

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