Red Cone Creek and Langgi. Day 64

Departed Deception Bay at 6pm to get some of benefit of the last of the flood tide and slack water before it turned into an ebb which we would have to push against. It should have given us a boost as far as Langgi,  but was already opposing us at Hall Point and we were losing a full knot due to adverse current. Interestingly Navionics had a different time for high tide at Hall Point on the iPad compared to the galaxy.


Langgi has these unique rock formations that look like the gathering of people.  Below shows Baly anchored in the small bay at Langgi. We stayed there until 11,30am waiting for the tide to turn.


On the main beach at Langgi there were turtle tracks where the female had come ashore to lay her eggs and subsequently returned to the sea. The nest where she covered her eggs with sand was evident further up the beach.

Arrived at Red Cone Creek at 3.30pm and once again saw the cruise vessel Grest Escape and Scott and Kate asked if we needed anything. The only thing we needed was freshwater which we found at Ruby Falls at the head of the creek. We saw our first croc, only small at a bit over a metre but not a pretty face.

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