Twin Falls, King George River. Day 55

When they described this place as a ‘spectacular must see’, they weren’t bullshitting! It makes all the effort in preparation and getting here worthwhile.


We met the guides from the cruise vessel Great Escape, pictured above complete with helicopter at Twin Falls. Scott and Kate would seem to have an enviable job, they included us in their tour to a burial site that had human skulls and also the swimming holes where we took a dip. We were confident the crocs couldnt make it up the 100m escarpment.  Below is proof I climbed the escarpment, that’s Baly anchored top right of picture.


Back at River level we took Balakerette up close to the waterfall.


The other yachts at Twin Falls were Sea Lynx with Brian and Gayle and Greg and Amanda on Attitude Too. They are both from Darwin. They are shown rafted next to us as Sea Lynx was having anchor winch problems.


On the way back down the river we stopped to explore a narrow deep gorge known as The Crack. It had a series of rock pools.


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