Lagrange Bay. Day 75

Slept under the doona all night again so winter has certainly arrived in the tropics. Left Cable Beach at first light for the 50 nm leg to Lagrange Bay


The weather pattern or more importantly the wind pattern has been consistent for a week now and looks the same for the next 7 days. It is also the prevailing winds for this time of year and why we timed our trip this way. The Easterly wind picks up in the wee early hours aided by the land breeze effect. This is perfect for Baly as the 20 kts beam reach Easterly scoots her along at 7-8 kts. After midday the land has heated up and the resulting seabreeze counteracts the Easterly and then it drops out. It does give us a calm evening anchorage and good sailing runs in the mornings.


So we reached Cape Latouche (prof loves that name) at midday and had to motorsail as a weak seabreeze tried to develop.


Anchored near Cape Bossut in Lagrange at 3 pm. The shoals and with 7 m tide range meant we had anchor well offshore. 1.5 nm in fact which made it seem we were in the middle of the ocean.

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