Port Hedland. Day 78

Baly stayed on her anchor near the Port Hedland Yacht Club today, we will depart early tomorrow for Depuch Island. It is reasonably well sheltered in this anchorage but suffers from tug wake which occurs very often, the large ore ships dont push as much water as the tugs.


We did some jobs on Baly, the major one being fixing the lazy jacks that hold the mainsail on the top of boom when the mainsail is dropped. The lazyjack hoist on the starboard side broke so we needed to send Prof up the mast in the bosuns chair and reeve a new hoist through the pulley on the upper spreaders.

The difficulty we had geting the dinghy back down the beach to the water lastnight has discouraged from eating ashore tonight. Looking forward to Dampier where they have a dinghy pontoon at the yacht club.
The above photo shows how high the ore carriers float when they arrive empty. Below is how they look when they depart fully laden for China.


Todays sunset photo includes an ore carrier and tug boats, our lasting impression of Hedland because it is what we have seen most today, in fact every half hour another goes by. No wonder Gina is so wealthy.


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1 Response to Port Hedland. Day 78

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Who would have thought that a tug would create a bigger wake than an ore carrier???? How long will it take to get to Dampier? Hope the sailing goes well and that you are able to put the yacht club dinghy pontoon to good use.


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