Dampier. Day 81 to 83

Went to the Hullabaloo Coffee Shop for breakfast and met some nice people who offered to take us into Karratha on Monday. Only 17 klms but apparently a $100 cab fare.


This is Red Dog territory, the real Red Dog was based in Dampier. The yacht club barmaid was telling us 2 months ago Bryan Brown spent the afternoon in the bar as he was in town filming the prequel to Red Dog. There is a monument to RD when you drive into Dampier.


Had my first warm, fresh shower since Cairns today, clothes received a proper laundry wash, not hand wash. The boat ramp adjacent to the club was busy all day and it seems that if you don’t have a 4wd, tandem trailer and appropriately large trailable boat that requires signage saying oversize you don’t rate in Dampier. Intended to have dinner at the yacht club, but the top deck was booked with a wedding so we went to the Dampier Mermaid Hotel.

Sunday we bunkered fuel and water at the yacht club pontoon. Had dinner on the yacht club top deck and met Brad who operates a charter boat,  does boat licensing and is on the club committee.


On Monday Felicia took us into Karratha for victualling , pick up some hardware and fill the gas bottle. Great hospitality here in  Dampier. Leaving for Steamboat Island in the morning and will probably be out of internet range for a few days till we get to Exmouth.


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1 Response to Dampier. Day 81 to 83

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Derrick, lovely to hear from you again. You are certainly getting to see a lot of this country that we most probably will never get the opportunity to see, so thank you for showing us your beautiful pictures. You are giving us all a real insight into how vast, expensive and out of the way so much of Australia is. I didn’t realise that Red Dog was a real story (it has just been shown here on tv again over the weekend) – it still makes me cry. Don’t know if you are aware that M, J, T & F are spending the weekend with Jennyflower and JackDog from Friday night through to Monday afternoon – will make sure that we give JD lots of hugs from his Dad (I’m sure that Jurg will spend his usual amount of time having fun with him). Take care and continue to enjoy. Fi xxx


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