Exmouth. Day 87

Surprised by a 20 kt Southerly change at midnight coming through Serrurier, complete with rainshowers and not forecast. Not good in a Northerly wind anchorage as it puts us on a lee shore meaning if we drag anchor we end up on the beach. It dropped to 15 kts soon after so we elected to stay put, but I spent the rest of the night camped in the cockpit, with anchor alarm, radar and gps all on. By 5 am it had dropped to nothing and the sea surface was glassy.


Spoke with the owner of this immaculate vessel and couldn’t help but admire such a classically designed yet modern craft. Lots of cloud and a light NE breeze means using the detroit again. We could see the towers at the old US Communications Base at NW Cape. Will get a better view after we leave Exmouth. These are the tallest structures in the Southern Hemisphere at 386 metres and can be seen 25 miles away on a good day, not like todays overcast and diminished visibility.


There was a storm cloud and heavy rain which gave the decks a good wash for about an hour midway to Exmouth. We reached Exmouth at 3pm, our first time in a marina since Cairns. .


Had sundowners and dinner at the fishing club and will return there tomorrow night. Great people and excellent food, though we got involved in a rather large shout with more practiced drinkers than us! Fishing club is only 100 metres from the marina.

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