North Mangrove Island. Day 85

We are in oil and gas territory now and last night we could see the loom of several platforms out to sea towards the NW.shelf, as well as Barrow Island to the West. It is 55 nm to North Mangrove Island as the crow flies, but it will be longer for us as we take a dog leg out to sea to avoid shoals and rocks.


We are hoping the major town of Onslow to the South  is close enough to get television reception for tonight’s State of Origin football. Managed to survive the onslaught of profs curry lastnight. My guts are getting tougher, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Passed Robe River which I remember from 30 years ago when I was in this area as being a major employer.


Another day of light winds making us have to motorsail.  The forecast is saying we should get some brisker Easterly breezes by next Tuesday, nearly a week away. Prof catches up on some beauty sleep to avoid the boredom.


Arrived at North Mangrove Island at 4 pm, not a good anchorage.  We had intended to stop at Port Weld but as we got there at 2 pm decided to go further and thereby reduce the next days run. We ran aground at Nth Mangrove right where the West Australian Cruising Guide recommended we anchor. We backed off into deeper water but rolled our guts out due to the swell all nighf.

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  1. Ellen says:

    That’d be right, dad having a little nap!


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