Steamboat Island. Day 84

Goodbye and thanks Dampier, enjoyed our stay. Left first light 6 am for Steamboat Island, 40 nm away.


Life is becoming a little easier now, tides don’t have such a large range, civilization more regularly means we dont have to stock up and ration our food, fuel, beer and water. Not that fuel has been an issue, our capacity and range enhanced by the extra fuel bladder. Cryovac has worked ok for our meat,  steaks and sausages bought in Darwin lasted 6 weeks albeit we had to throw out some mince and pork chops.


Millpond conditions in Mermaid Strait, no wind but some adverse tide slowed us to 4 kts. Passed yet another iron ore port, Cape Preston at 1 pm about 8 nm east of Steamboat Island.

Arrived at Steamboat Island at 3pm and went for a swim, visibility was amazing. Cleaned Baly’s waterline and checked her  bottom and the anchor holding with the goggles and snorkel. Prof is making his prawns and green thai curry tonite, I am hoping my digestive system is starting to harden up and deal with it better because it does taste good.


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