Exmouth. Day 88

The major job today was fixing the steering cables on the port side. This requires entering a space behind the toilet that is about a metre cubed so I can reach another even smaller space where the steering quadrant is right aft. Fitting through the locker door is a challenge too.


Enjoying being in a marina again, we had sundowners on a 45 ft Fontaine Pajot catamaran this evening called “Site”. Turned into a large night and limped back onboard after 10. Our hosts were Mick and Beth, we were also joined by Ian and Melian from “Indian Summer”.


Were ready to depart tomorrow but a forecast of 20 kt Southerly winds means we are weather bound till Tuesday. To bide our time we have booked to do the Whale shark swim tomorrow.  Very excited, heard such great reports about it.

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1 Response to Exmouth. Day 88

  1. Tony Austin says:

    Hi Derrick, Can I suggest that you limit the circulation of this photo? I worry that young children could have serious nightmares – especially if they ever try to go to the loo on your boat!

    What was the problem with the steering? I have had several issues recently from cables coming off the quadrant, through not being able to get the rudders parallel and more recently getting a fair bit of water into the aft compartments.

    The Whitsunday Seawind rally finished yesterday at Hamo. We had 7 boats in the fleet (2 x 1000, 3 x 1160 and 2 x 1250). It ended up being fun with some great sailing – especially the last ‘race’. We had 2 firsts on handicap (nearly won one race outright – pipped several hundred metres from the finish) and ended up third for the regatta. Certainly learned a lot about getting some speed out of the old girl!

    Regards and best wishes, Tony

    Tony Austin 11 Corymbia St Croudace Bay NSW 2280

    Mob: 0416266947 Home: 0245496628 Email: ausquack@gmail.com



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