Exmouth. Day 90

Slept really well after swimming with the whale sharks but were woken by the Southerly change  coming in big end first, blowing 30 kts straight into Baly’s saloon, our loungeroom.  After 8am we received permission from the harbour master to shift to another marina pen and we now have us facing the other way.


A highlight today was getting a viber call from Ela L’il Bear, it is fathers day in Canada (and every where else apart from Australia apparently) and we spoke for half an hour.

Exmouth has had two cyclones this year, the last on in early May and the damage is still evident, two vessels on our marina finger have shredded furling headsails.


Hoping to get away tomorrow if the wind abates, predicted to do that late morning. We were joined on Baly for sundowners by Mick and Beth from Site plus Ian and Melian from Indian Summer. These people are excellent company and Baly will be staying in Mandurah at their marina pen while they are in tbe Kimberley thanks to their generosity.


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