Carnarvon. Day 94

We pushed to get to Carnarvon and tucked into Shark Bay before the swell increased to 3.5 metres. Saw this marine warning posted by an old Tassy mate which made us glad we did, though don’t think 50 ft is realistic.


Todays maintenance project was to fix the autopilot drive which is mounted on the starboard wheel. It called time a mile out of Carnarvon. Turned out to be a $60 belt problem rather than a $600 drive motor issue. Both are common problems that we anticipated so we have spares onboard.


Our neighbors Frank and Ros are from Perth but winter in their 40′ Grainger catamaran ‘Endless Dreams’ up North every year. They took us to the pub last night and we will join them at the club tonight.


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1 Response to Carnarvon. Day 94

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Wow Derrick – have just been watching the 5pm news and they’re showing the waves in WA. Apparently there are a lot of international surfers flying in to surf them, as well as hundreds of locals along the coast. Looks amazing!


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